21—Maria Yaceburu  - Spirit Guides - Maria Yraceburu, Lld - The messages that come from Spirit during our time of connection contain information and suggestions for helping us raise our levels of consciousness and improve our patterns of behavior. . What is so surprising, though, is that when we implement the suggestions made by our spiritual guides, they always work!  Events are occurring all around the world designed to alter the perception of Humanity because the time has arrived for each individual to seek out their own connection. Spirit has positioned beautiful experiences of communication in our paths that will help us strengthen our modality of connection - faith.

Maria’s Background ~

 Maria Yaceburu is the co-founder of the global eco-spiritual community, Yraceburu EarthWisdom, a practicing ceremonialist, prayer maker, teacher and author.  She has practiced and studied the path of a tlish diyan da'igoti since birth, and was awarded an Lld in eco-psychology in 1999.  Her vision is to reunite individuals in relationship to Earth, Spirit, and one another. She has a unique talent for storytelling and ceremony, empowering participants to experience their own unique visions.  She educates her clients and students about co-creation, inspiring them to chart their own Path of Destiny.  Maria aspires to connect each person to the Changing Mother so they may accept the truth of their personal power.  She currently lives with life partner and master Gypsy Healer, Lynda Yraceburu.


Wednesday Night Live at 7:00 PM

At the Palm Springs Leisure Center
401 Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, CA

(Off of Baristo between the Camelot and the Library)​

14- Prince Fleet Easton – The Journey of a Thousand Miles – It all began with a “still small voice” from within urging him to move to Palm Springs! Prince Fleet listened to the Voice and on a “wing and a prayer” made his way to  the sacred land of  the Coachella Valley.  His commitment to the Science of Mind classes and steady focus led him to a Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars and honored by the President of the USA!  His journey will uplift and inspire you!   

Fleet’s Background ~

was born in Akron, Ohio where he began his show business career by appearing in many musical productions at the Goodyear Musical Theater. He has an extensive background in dance, acting and singing. He studied at American Ballet Theater, Ballet Arts and took master classes at the world-renowned Julliard School. Fleet has toured starring as Tiny Tim in the national tour of 'A Christmas Carol' Fleet had his own show 'The Fleetexperience' in the early 2000's He has appeared in many featured films and the TV series He was the co-host of the television show 'Brevard Notes' a local talk show in central Florida. Also during that time he was the voice of NASA radio, giving reports on the space shuttle launches. He is one of the original founding members of the 'Brevard Theatrical Ensemble' The ensemble takes classical pieces of literature as well as original pieces and brought them to life in a theatrical production. Not only starring in the productions Fleet served as a director, assistant director, stage manger, creative consultant, hair and makeup artist for the company. Fleet was also a founding member of the 'Bel Canto Ensemble' founded by Miss Beatrice Moore a former soprano with the New York Metropolitan Opera. Fleet is also an international recording artist releasing an inspirational CD in 2004 'In His Presence'. In 2006 Fleet made his debut with the Space Coast Pops Orchestra and has sung with the Melbourne Florida Orchestra. Fleet has also recorded a Christmas CD entitled 'The Gift' which is a collection of spiritual Christmas classics. Now living in Palm Springs, California Fleet has devoted his spare time appearing at many benefits, believing that you must give back to move forward. He has performed on the 'Joey English TV Show' 'Joey English Radio Show' 'Eye On The Desert' and 'KMIR 6 Morning Show'. In February 2008 he sang with 'Musical Chairs'. Fleet was one of the stars of the Bella Da Ball Cabaret Dinner Show. He is the soloist and musical director for 'Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide'. Fleet has performed for the Amazing Woman Conference in Palm Springs and San Francisco. In October 2008 Fleet won the Desert Idol competition for Palm Springs California. He has produced several shows benefiting 'The Well In The Desert' that feeds the homeless in the Coachcella Valley. On June 7th 2009 Fleet made his debut as one of the 'National Anthem' singers for the Palm Springs Powerball Baseball team and has sung the National Anthem for the Empire Polo Club in Indio California. While living in Florida Fleet was a 'National Anthem' singer for Micheal Jordon' Blue Ducks Basketball Team and the Florida Marlin's Baseball Team. Fleet starred in and choreographed the original cabaret show 'Louche' which made it's world premiere in 2009. In 2010 Fleet teamed up with Mr. Virgil Gibson, former lead singer for the the second generation Platters to perform a for charity. Fleet has been nominated twice for 'Entertainer of the Year' here in the valley. He recieved 'Entertainer of The Year' twice from the city of Desert Hot Springs. In 2012 Fleet received the 'Touching Lives Award' in Hollywood California for his humanitarian work, donating his time and talent for charity causes. In 2013 he received 'The Angel Of The Year Award' and  Fleet was named to the Mountain Movers Board Of Directors for the 'College Of Adaptive Arts' in San Jose California. A school for adults with mental and physical challenges. In 2014 Fleet was the opening act for the 'Spirit Of The King' show from Las Vegas starring Mr. Steve Connolly. Fleet is a part of the 'Friendmovement' 'Boo2Bullying and 'Tigerman' 3 anti-bullying organizations. In 2014 he recently received the 'Call To Service' Award from Persident Barack Obama for his volunteer work. In 2015 he recieved the 'Lifetime Achievement' Award from President Obama. Fleet has now been named 'The Prince of Palm Springs' and was crowned on January 17th. 2016 by HH Prince Mario Max Schaumburg-Lippe. The Prince presented him with a Proclamation from the Royal Family naming him 'Legendary World Entertainer for 2016' On December 9th. 2016 Mr. Easton recieved the 407th Star on the 'Palm Springs Walk Of Stars'. On April 22nd. 2017 Fleet recieved the 'LifeTime Achievement Award' again from the White house along with acknowledgements from the United States Congress, the United States Senate and from the state of California. 


28—Clarice Barrett  - The Age of Pisces to The Age of Aquarius Part II  -      Many scientists say to me that the closer you get to mathematicians and physics the closer you come to God and the underpinnings of our beautifully, magically constructed universe. Can we carry on and improve on the spirit of the earth’s collective consciousness? It is not, as I see it, a question of spirituality OR science but a question of the blending of the two for Truth! This is the characteristic of the two ages together. Dr. Clarice has a Metaphysical Science Degree, (45 years). “Physics and Science without Spirituality is lame, Spirituality without Physics and Science is blind.” 

 Clarice’s Background ~

 Dr. Clarice carries a Dr. Metaphysical Science Degree, with 45 years experience. "Physics and Science without Spirituality is lame, Spirituality without Physics and Science is blind."

 Clarice R. Barrett, Msc. D., Author, Renowned & Award Winning Mystic, Numerologist, Existentialist, Lecturer, Newspaper Columnist , Multimedia Communicator, Public Speaker/ Lecturer with 34 Years of Experience.

Past columnist of the monthly Astrology and Numerology pages for the In Light Times, Metaphysical Publication.

This author understands and conveys the technology of the Ancient Sciences and how to optimally use the secret law of attraction to live and attain one's ultimate purpose. Dr. Clarice has many years of expertise in the higher realm of consciousness, known as the Sacred Cosmic Laws of Geometry, Science and Spirituality, "God". She is an Author, and Esoteric Christian, (Ancient Hebrew teachings). Dr. Clarice is a Spiritual Mystic, Empath and Intuitive since birth, and naturally carries the knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries. Since the age of 15, Dr. Clarice has demonstrated a unique gifted perspective into Existential Research , and an ability to analyze man's existence. Dr. Clarice's knowledge covers Ancient Spiritual Astrology and Numerology.

Dr. Clarice is recognized as a visionary inventor in solar electrical products. Dr. Clarice was trained by, Stacey Dean, PMAFA, C.C.Ht. at the Academy of Metaphysical Arts & Sciences, in Las Vegas, NV.


Speaker Request / Feedback

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Wednesday Night Live 2017

​ Spirit, Mind and Body Connection 

07—Gary Sinclair - Energetic Healing the Creator's Way!  "Dis-ease is the start of disease. Healing negative memories starts the cure. Come let Gary and his newly Certified Students in Soul Link and Awareness in Consciousness heal those dis-ease memories for you. It will all be "content free" and each memory individually done in seconds. Write a list of your top five worst memories ever including PTSD and bring your list with you. This is the future of Complimentary Energy Medicine and the coming field of Epigenetics