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With Dr. Sharron Stroud—7:00 PM
Rose  of Sharron Sanctuary
1359 E Caleta Way in Palm Springs

Wednesday Nite Live Theme—

 4.  Archetypes, Dreams and Visions - We are aided in our journey by inner guides, or archetypes, each of which exemplifies a way of being…We see them reflected in recurring images in art, literature, myth, and religion, and we know they are archetypal because they are found everywhere, in all times and places. 

- Carol S. Pearson

 11.  Become conscious of human motivations and ways of viewing the world that are invisible to most people, yet still drive their behaviors. In becoming conscious of them, you no longer will be run by them, but instead can experience them as allies; recognize archetypal allies as potentials within you or your organization that you can build on as strengths; and decode what is going on in the people, organizations, and larger world around you, which will help you to improve your relationships and achieve your professional goals.

 18.  Living each of these archetypal narratives develops particular capacities, which together support the heroic life. For example, you may first feel the Sage archetype in you as being curious to understand the world and how things work. This motivates you to seek answers—asking questions of your parents and teachers, reading books or instruction manuals, or searching the Web—that eventually will teach you that experts differ on the correct response. Then you will begin to grapple with how to evaluate divergent theories, which can teach you to think logically, to check theories against available facts, and to come up with your own conclusions.

 25.  You have archetypal allies that can help you live the story that is needed for you to discover your true identity, calling, and purpose. They also can be of assistance as you navigate the day-to-day of what you are facing in your actual situation at any given time. Narrative intelligence helps you to identify what story you need to live where, which saves you from a lot of guesswork. It also enables you to find out more about who you are, as you also learn to recognize what stories are dominant in the minds of people around you and in the family, friendship group, organizations, and society in which you live. 


Wednesday Night Live 2017

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