Wednesday Night Live at 7:00 PM

At the Palm Springs Leisure Center
401 Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, CA

(Off of Baristo between the Camelot and the Library)​

May 10th

“To the Moon and Beyond..Bringing the Heavens to Earth in 2017”
Join Renowned Lunar Astrologer and Emmy Award Winner Claudia 

Thompson as she tunes us in to the Divine planetary set-up designed for quantum leaps in 2017. 

2017 is a year of new beginnings, mass awakening, and radically new possibilities. The planetary set up is full of unprecedented challenges and treasures. We're breaking from the old way and shining a new light as we accept a new reality and leap beyond our normal boundaries. As a new foundation is in the process of being created, it's imperative that we plant out seeds wisely. The energy that lives deep within each of us is surfacing and we want to write a different story. What evolutionary messages are coming from our external and internal universe? How can we personally face and repurpose the energy of the dark being revealed within us and our world and achieve lift-off as we reach for the light? The planets provide a wealth of guidance. 

Claudia will share her insights in practical language, so we can navigate with more awareness and grace, transmute the darkness into light and go higher yet. 

May 17th

    Dr. Clarice Barrett, Msc. D, The Age of Aquarius is upon us!

 For the first time in 13,000 years of human history there is actual factual evidence in the universe, that we are headed for the alignment of “The Age of Aquarius, “also known by many interpretations has: “Christ Energy Consciousness,” The Violet Flame, The Rapture, and etc. Which is, “The Photon Belt Encounter Energy Wave”. Dr. Clarice carries a Dr. Metaphysical Science Degree, with 45 years experience. “Physics and Science without Spirituality is lame, Spirituality without Physics and Science is blind.”

May 24th  -  Yogi Ramesh

 The Laughing Yogi, is a born Yogi from India. 

He started practicing yoga at the age of 5 with his Guru Paramanda Maharaj in the Himalaya mountains.  Yogi belongs to a spiritual family in Lucknow, India.

He has started a Laughing yoga show for the last 15 years in Los Angles.
He is an internal celebrity Guru to the stars. He has taught many doctors and patients in the hospitals. He is now a world famous Laughing yogi.
Yogi’s goal is to create  a stress and disease free world by practicing the spiritual science of yoga for the new healthy and happy life. He is also running a Laughing club in the greater Los Angeles area.

Speaker Request / Feedback

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Also if you have any feedback about WNL we'd love to hear it. Namaste

​​May 31rst  
 Janet Grace Nelson
​"LOVE More...Fear Less, NOW!!!"

Are you ready to Fall deeper in LOVE with You in a way that opens you to LOVE with greater Freedom, Fulfillment & Fun? In every area of your Life? Everyone needs to shine your brightest Light. We will shining the Light of Truth of who you are and anchor deeper knowings for you to Soulularize this Truth and Be all that you came here to BE.

 Come join us for this LOVE fest. 

Janet Grace is an Agape trained Spiritual Practitioner & an award winning speaker, author, teacher & Coach inspiring conscious people worldwide to push past their fears to know a deeper Truth to live the life they were meant to with Passion & Purpose making a difference for Good every day. Janet Grace has shared the stage with many experts in the Personal Growth Industry including Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith & Les Brown to name a few. Her passion to help others expanded to her newest book, “Putting the Broken Pieces Back Together”

7 Steps to Living a Courageous Life…NOW!!!

This book & workbook assists people to navigate through challenging times to live with greater Courage and is filled with Inspiring & Empowering stories of strength & Vision 

Janet’s motto is “ Love your Life NOW, this is Not a dress rehearsal.”
Her topic today is : “March Forward with Courage”

Wednesday Night Live 2017

​ Spirit, Mind and Body Connection 

May 3rd     -  Susan McGrew  -  In From Los Angeles! -

Three Simple Steps to tap into our divine personal power and improve What We Say, What We Think and What We Do. Through the presented practices, we may bring immediate and positive change to our relationships and circumstances in life. 
A FUN and INTERACTIVE program where New Thought is put to practical use. One lucky participant will win the gift of a magical basket filled with goodies (over $150 value) to support them in their positive transformation.

Everyone in attendance will recieve a copy of the program to share and teach with others! The MORE the MERRIER... Please let us fill the room and raise the roof with our loving vibrations and TRANSFORMATION!

A Personal Assistant/Chef to the stars, Susan McGrew was born and raised in Palm Springs. After a long and sorted journey of thirty years in NYC and Boston, Susan returned to the desert in 2013 feeling battered and broken from her failed marriage and career. Without knowing where to turn, she met our beloved Dr. Sharron Stroud and began her new and improved story right here at Innerfaith/Palm Springs New Thought. A student of Tony Robbins, Susan also moonlights on the weekends with Reverend Michael Beckwith and the Agape Spiritual Center International.