Wednesday Night Live at 7:00 PM

At the Palm Springs Leisure Center
401 Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, CA

(Off of Baristo between the Camelot and the Library)​

12 -  Holy Week – Jesus Christ Super Star Concert

with Fleet Easton, Allison Annalora and other Palm Springs Celebrities & Award Winning Vocalists!  Fleet Easton and Allison Lenore Annalora will be performing the Time Honored music of Jesus Christ Super-Star and Godspell!  This will be a magnificent evening of a Light-Filled performance and one you will  cherish as one of the most significant events of

Sacred Theater.

19 – Gary Cromp The Tibetan Bowls: Understanding through Harmonic Synchronization -

 Gary is from Berkeley, CA, delving into sacred geometry and our understanding of frequencies and our place in the universe using singing bowls. He will play the crystal and 7 metal Tibetan bowls played in a sequence in the factor 9 grid where all frequencies add up to 9.. The tuning is 432 which is what our Universe is tuned too. The chakras are all represented and spheres of the crystal element are also placed in the bowls, which are laced out in a Fibonacci spiral. You will hear an F# major cord in a 5 part perfect harmony and a 432hz in perfect pitch. Just relax and prepare to transcend high into our universe.

Speaker Request / Feedback

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26 - LuAn Mitchell - Making Peace with the Past and a Book Signing -

 “This too shall Prepare Me” shows you how you can take a fresh new look at the “now” in relation to the “past” and at long last find peace, understanding, and be ready to finally leave the past behind and move on. If you are fighting for something you believe in, despite long odds, and in the face of great opposition, or you’re being told it can’t be done- you’re nuts, but you still feel passionate and driven to continue… this will help you see that you are not alone; others have been there too. 

In “This too shall Prepare ME” we learn the tools we need to use in order to just get up, stand straight and tall, see it all for what it is, and be grateful for all of it. 

 About LuAn Mitchell

 Rags to riches" doesn't even begin to describe the LuAn Mitchell story. Now a wealthy entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, corporate executive, philanthropist, wife and mother, it's hard to believe Mitchell was ever anything but successful. The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World have honored her since 2001. LuAn Mitchell is an inspiring speaker who motivates her audiences to face challenges head on, encouraging them to follow gut instinct in order to achieve success, fulfillment and happiness.
LuAn has garnered worldwide recognition for her success in overcoming personal and financial obstacles to dominate in the meat processing world. Following her husband's premature death, she took on the reigns of leadership at Mitchell's Gourmet Foods Inc. from 1998 to 2003 as Chair of the Board, partnering with Schneider Corporation to complete a $44 million plant expansion and creating hundreds of new jobs.  LuAnn donated to Dr. Robert Schuller $1 Million Dollars to support him in maintaining the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.  She has given the same amount to other worthy causes and her life reflects her generosity in miraculous ways!
From America to Australia and Madrid to Mexico, inspired audiences are leaping to their feet after hearing LuAn Mitchell's message of genuine hope, unwavering faith and personal commitment to action.

Wednesday Night Live 2017

​ Spirit, Mind and Body Connection 

About Dr. Sharron Stroud

​Dr. Sharron Stroud is a woman of power, elegance and passion!    She is the Spiritual Leader of Innerfaith New Thought Spiritual Center and an author, professional speaker, and International Peace Activist.  She also serves as the Dean of the Institute of Successful Living.  Her philosophy has been about “Good Leaders create other Leaders, not followers.”  She has stated to an audience of 25,000 that we are not here just to go through the motions of making a living; we are here to make a difference!

 Dr. Stroud is the President  of  The International Foundation for World Peace and Research, in which she travels all over the world lecturing to Universities and Institutions of  Learning.   Most recently Madonna University in Nigeria, Africa, the University of Istanbul Medical Center in Turkey, The University of  Zagreb in Croatia, The University of African and Oriental Studies in London, England, Essen, Germany, Queen’s College in Cambridge England and Oslo, Norway where she served on the Nobel Peace Prize nominating Commission for Dr. Emmanuel Edeh.

 Her awards are too numerous to mention, however, she does hold the WOMAN OF THE YEAR Riverside County 2016/2017 and the Human Rights Award of Palm Springs, CA.  You can view her Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars!

Dr. Stroud was raised in an environment of domestic violence and made the choice to break the chain of suffering and work for peace and harmony, while engaging in charitable acts of forgiveness and love.


5 – The Ancient Forgiveness Rite and Burning Bowl Ritual by Dr. Sharron Stroud

 Forgiveness is at the heart of transformation and it starts with forgiving our selves. Blocked states of consciousness such as disappointment, betrayal, fear of loss, regret, and hatred, if acknowledged and released, would allow our inner wisdom to emerge and inform our actions. Look at where and to whom you might have directed anger and resentment. Have you betrayed anyone by your behavior? Can you forgive yourself? If not ask yourself, what am I getting from not forgiving this person? In what way is my withholding causing harm to me? Ultimately it’s all self- forgiveness! Forgiving ourselves returns us to our natural state of love. Perhaps all actions are love or a calling for love.  We will conclude the evening with a Burning Bowl Ceremony in which we will release that which no longer serves us forever!