"Growing up in Portsmouth, Australia I had a strong fascination with anything connected to the afterlife, crystals and the power other energies could bring, I was very close to both my “Nans” and we would often talk about the afterlife, tea leaf readings and spirit activity which only added to and increased my interest regarding spiritualism.

After I left school I trained in beauty and holistic therapies including reflexology and massage, always wanting to help people improve themselves or relax. I worked voluntarily for off the record counseling, supporting the Counsellors and clients where I learned so much about others needs and again helped increase my sensitivity. This was many years before I began the work I now do but never did I realise how important and how hand in hand the two would go.

Spiritually I work on mainly a clairsentient vibration, which means I feel and sense energies and connections with messages from Spirit energy.

I completed my Reiki 2 and angelic Reiki which was just the most amazing experience, connecting to angels more in depth and working with particular angel energy's to help improve people's health and well being. 

The healing energy I work with is a combination of Spiritual and Angelic, connecting to bring a healing energy force allowing me to help bring healing and balance to those I see. 

More recently I have completed the angelic light worker course and the lotus chakra course allowing more connections with intuition to be heightened and a deeper knowledge of angel card readings and healing from the chakras and core." - Kate May

Wednesday Night Live at 7:00 PM

Wednesday Nite Live Spirit, Mind and Body Connection will be taking a short hiatus for August and resume after Labor Day!

Special August Event ~ 

Tarot, Mediumship & Angel Readings with Kate & Colin

August 2nd at 7:00 PM

At the Rose of Sharron Sanctuary
1359 E Caleta Way in Palm Springs


Speaker Request / Feedback

If you know someone that you believe would make a great speaker at an upcoming Wednesday Night Live please feel free to share their information. Please include any information about them.

Also if you have any feedback about WNL we'd love to hear it. Namaste

Wednesday Night Live 2017

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