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With Dr. Sharron Stroud—7:00 PM

Rose  of Sharron Sanctuary

1359 E Caleta Way in Palm Springs

Wednesday Nite Live Theme—The Four Agreements

 06– BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD—“The first agreement is the most important one and also the most difficult one to honor. It is so important that with just this first agreement you will be able to transcend to the level of existence I call heaven on earth. The first agreement is to be impeccable with your word. It sounds very simple, but it is very, very powerful.” 


13-DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY—Marcus Aurelius (see Notes on Meditations) reminds us not to worry about the opinion of other people who don’t even have a good opinion of themselves! He tells us: “The approval of such men, who do not even stand well in their own eyes, has no value for him.” 


20-DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS -“We have the tendency to make assumptions about everything. The problem with making assumptions is that we believe they are the truth. We could swear they are real. We make assumptions about what others are doing or thinking—we take it personally—then we blame them and react by sending emotional poison with our word. That is why when we make assumptions, we’re asking for problems. We make an assumption, we misunderstand, we take it personally, and we end up creating a whole big drama for nothing.” 


27-ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST -“There is just one more agreement, but it’s the one that allows the other three to become deeply ingrained habits. The fourth agreement is about the action of the first three: Always do your best.”

Wednesday Night Live 2017

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